JUMBOLON® is Polyethylene foam, made by 5 ~ 40 times foaming expansion of low density polyethylene. Thanks to its outstanding properties for heat insulation, water proofing, flexibility, chemical resistance, shock absorbing, it is widely used in industrial insulation, construction, packaging materials and other sundry field.

Excellent flexibility and shock absorbing

Easy to Install

Fire retardant grade

Excellent Thermal insulation effect

Perfect water proofing


No hazard to health

Non-toxic and environmental friendly

Outstanding sound tight



Polyethylene Foam has application fields mainly in the construction field
for insulations of building roof, wall, and floor and HVAC duct, A/C pipe, as well as various kinds of mat products.

Total waste management Project

Our Total waste management system can not only provide proper solution to treat various types of waste from municipal solid waste to industrial waste, but also create new value from the waste

PET bottle waste recycling Project

We have developed an ‘Integrated recycling system’ which consists of three different processes : rPET flake, Polyester Staple fiber and Non woven geo textile for maximization of recycling value. 

Plastic Extrusion Project

By the shape of the cells, polyethylene foam products are divided into two different types. The first one is general type of polyethylene foam and the other is cross-linked polyethylene foam of which cell is chemically cross-linked. 

We expect from our system

Municipal Hazardous Industrial Medical

more than 90% of the waste to be treated...

"Creation of the new value"

Clean renewable energy
(Electricity, Steam, etc)

PET recycled product

Newland value