Polyethylene Foam has wide range of application fields mainly in the construction field for insulations of building roof, wall, and floor and HVAC duct, A/C pipe, protective packaging for horticultural products, electronic device, glassware, as well as other sundry fields.


Polyethylene Foam insulation materials provide you with many advantages in efficiency and cost thanks to its outstanding features such as excellent thermal insulation effect, prefect waterproofing, long lifespan, easy to install, no harmful effect to human and environment.

Polyethylene Foam provides superior thermal performance and improved energy efficiency in homes, commercial and industrial buildings. It reduces the sun’s radiant heat, minimizes the risk of condensation and acts as an effective water and vapor barrier.

Also, compared to traditional insulation materials, it is eco-friendly, no harmful to human, it gives you the best living conditions in your daily life.

Thanks to its outstanding features and advantages, it is widely used for thermal insulation materials in Wall, Roof, and Floor. Its' expected effects are preventing the thermal loss, moisture Resistance, sound tightening, energy saving.