About Us

MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. was established by the President, Mr. Jong Woo Lee, in 1983 with its corporate values described by three key words: “PEOPLE”, “TECHNOLOGY”, and “ENVIRONMENT”. In order to instill our philosophy of “improving human’s life quality and preserving environmental balance” into everything what we do, we have always tried to do our best to keep “Innovative”, “Productive” and “Creative” for our technical improvement and business expansion for the last 37 years.

Corporate Value & Philosophy

“improving human’s life quality and preserving environmental balance”

  • People
  • Technology
  • Environment
  • Innovative
  • Productive
  • Creative 

Market leader providing the best solutions to market

For the last 37 years, we - MECEN IPC Co., Ltd., have supplied different solutions to the markets as one of the market leaders in plastic processing and plastic waste recycling sectors.

Localization and Global network

Through localizing production and business model in each market, we have closely liaised with the customers and met their various requirements on time. In this regard, we have globalized ourselves by establishing the joint ventures throughout the world, and have successfully responded on various requests from the customers in each market.

Accumulated expertise and experience

Such our advanced technical know-how, accumulated business experiences and ideas for plant operation, prospective applications, market development, company management and etc have been valuable contribution to carry the business successfully by generating good synergy effect with local partners’ existing business experiences and network in local market.






Started plastic extrusion and environment business


Started to establish 1st overseas plant


Fully integrated PET Bottle Wastes Recycling System


Total Waste Management System


Established 20th overseas plant


Waste To Energy System


Developed PET bottle wastes recycling plant in Poland

2019Developed PET bottle wastes recycling plant in Morocco